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Being a Spiritual Warrior

You are a spiritual warrior. Your Journey is your training.

Once we identify with the warrior archetype within us, we access power to handle whatever life has in store . We then discover an inner power that we never even knew we had. We become unshakable. Becoming a spirit ninja may not happen over night, but we each have a journey that brings us exactly what we need to do to train. Developing the attributes of a warrior is especially important as we travel through gateways of unfamiliar territory. This is what makes it possible to hold steady in the cross fire of a cross wire. It takes a hero to release from old beliefs and recognize how to be authentically herself. When our expedition turns into an odyessy we are required to find a strength that we may not know we had. Inner warriorship is the anchor within that creates resilience.

Inner Training

When no one else is watching, we are asked again and again to dig into the core of ourselves. When others have no idea of what we are handling, we become the first to know about our superpowers.Superpowers are hard won, and the result of deep inner work, which results in transforming lead into gold. It is then that we begin to take off our Lois Lane or Clark Kent costumes and find our inner super hero. With time, we look around ourselves and see our troop, feeling even greater power as we connect with other ninjas. Then together we create things, some forge new tracks, plant flags on the pathway to guide the way for others. This provides inspiration and help in getting out of the trenches.

Claiming our Power

An essential aspect in being a warrior is feeling into our power. That may require for us to take it back from others who have stollen it. Typically, fitting into our family and culture has caused us to give our power away. Or, if we have never had it, it may mean building it from scratch. Training also means a call to surrender within ourselves. We are left with no choice except to move forward. There are many times when we wish it were over. This can mean we become vulnerable. Do we handle that by kicking and screaming or with grace? Even kicking and screaming can be transformed into to a beautiful victorious battlecry. This too is power. This also may take time. As someone who wins the war, if not each battle, a warrior ideally meets each circumstance with acceptance. When the capacity to see circumstance from a higher perspective, we enter into the domain of spiritual warriorship. We have a higher view and can create a strategy. This brings greater clarity and relief. We are really not in war. We release and move into peace.

Celebrating our Victories

Each time we choose a new response to a trigger we celebrate victory. When we are bigger than we feel, we add another metal of honor to our treasure trove.This is what fortifies us, even when we want it to be over. As time passes, we can enjoy who we are becoming. Looking back on where were were when we first signed up for the training brings immense strength. We begin to rest and put down our swords and truly reflect on our experience.

What is a spiritual Warrior?

In general, the word warrior is often used to describe a person who is resilient and doesn't give up easily. Warriors maybe aggressive, but a spiritual warrior is subtle and empowered. Paradoxically, each victory is joined by surrender. The most powerful warriors may not always be obvious. A true warrior displays compassion, love and gratitude, even in the midst of challenges. We may have heard the wisdom from Bruce Lee to "be like the willow tree". There is immense power in being flexible during storms. This may mean being gentle with ourselves in retraining. Instead of reinforcing the old patterns, we have an opportunity for new ways of meeting challenges. This is power.

Making meaning

Finding meaning helps overcome even the most difficult experiences. Finding purpose was essential for Victor Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist, and philosopher who survived WW2. Through his experience he not only survived, but founded a school of psychotherapy called logo therapy, based on the importance of having a motivating force for even difficult experience. His book Man's Search for Meaning was one of the results of his experience. Our journeys do serve us. Knowing how its serves us is power. Whether we wish more fully participate in life, to be with loved ones, or if our experience will help others, having a greater understanding gives us greater incentive to forge forward. It also also us to have distance from the experience. Like a Major general who stands on top overlooking the battlefield below, greater perspective and strategy brings clarity.

On a Personal note

Once I overcame the surprise of my perfect storm, I soon wanted to make meaning of my situation. I have always looked at my life experience from the questions: How is this experience serving my greater learning? How is it part of my life task? What lessons are to be learned? As an integral practitioner who has worked with many people, I knew my own experience was part of my "research" and part of my a toolkit for helping others. I receive insights from the wild range of ups and downs. Even in the midst of golden opportunities, I always attempted to bring ways of bringing meaning into my rewiring experience. a few are:

1."This is my research and can be helpful for others"

2."This is transforming my lead to gold"

3." I am much more compassionate for those who struggle"

4."How lucky to have a another day and miracles can happen"

5."This is part of my higher learning"

6."I am releasing old patterns"

7."I will turn into a butterfly"

8." I am heroic for facing my hidden shadow side"

9. "This intensity gives rises to creativity"

Each day I have more insights ..

The results are finding more small miracles every day, focusing on others, laughing more and deep more authentic gratitude. I am now generally but not always having days when instead of asking what others can do for me, what can I offer to others.

How about you? what gives your journey meaning?

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Emunah leads play shops and certifies others as Hypnosis Practitioners through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She holds an MA in Consciousness studies/Transpersonal Psychology and an MFA in sculpture. She is an integral and somatic experiencing practitioner certified in Pediatric, Medical, Life Between Lives ™, expressive arts, sand play, journey dance™️ and Laughter Yoga. She has been offering healing sessions and personalized recordings and processes since 1997. She is currently developing a seven week journey towards recovering the authentic self. A seasoned practitioner, she has worked with hundreds of clients. One of the highlights of her work is bringing arts programming for children in Pediatrics at Vassar Brothers medical center. Her practice is informed by 20 years as a meditator, which included many years of travel and meditation.

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Emunah offers in person, online sessions and personalized recordings.

Her practice supports feeling into our optimal self, accessing and opening the door to higher wisdom, clarifying life purpose, releasing ancestral and societal patterning while offering the body a place to unwind old patterns.

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