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Offering innovative experiences for every level of being. 

What does the space of unconditional love and compassion feel like? Imagine experiencing a space where you can be free to be yourself. Your authentic self, with nothing to fix and nothing to change. Then you feel a great wave of awareness. In that awareness, life held patterns are revealed. With that, another wave of self acceptance washes over you. These are the ingredients for transformation.

 You are designed with an innate capacity to heal and know your own resilience. This may be a time when old patterns no longer serve you, presenting you with an opportunity for transformation. With the right tools and support, change can be made easier.

Collaborate on a journey of healing and greater embodiment through mindfulness, somatic awareness, dream work, neural retraining, and the power of your own imagination. Release ancestral patterns, overwhelming events and old beliefs, and liberate the energy to move forward in your life.

Choose from a rich menu of experiences to access enhanced self awareness and freedom. Each modality incorporates ancient wisdom traditions with the most innovative discoveries in neuroscience. Receive life-changing tools for greater empowerment, shifting life patterns and regulation. Make somatic experiencing, past life regression, quantum exploration and life between lives™️ part of your journey. 
For more information please contact: 
Jennifer Axinn-Weiss


Past Workshops, Trainings and Private sessions:

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