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Welcome to my integral practice. It's the place to collaborate with me on a journey of healing, self knowledge and greater embodiment through mindfulness, somatic awareness, dream work, neural retraining, and the power of journeying within. Release ancestral patterns, overwhelming events and old beliefs, and liberate the energy to move forward in your life. Choose from a rich menu of experiences to access enhanced self awareness and freedom. Each modality incorporates ancient wisdom traditions with the most innovative discoveries in neuroscience.     

                                                                                                                                                                           for more information: 845-242-7580








Somatic Experiencing,™️ also known as SE,™️ is a body-oriented therapeutic framework that helps clients overcome PTSD, phobias, and other life challenges. Based on the work of Dr Peter Levine, SE™️ helps release on-going stress and educates clients about the body's natural fight, flight or freeze response.


Each session offers a space to complete the body's natural impulses. When physiological responses are completed, the body regulates and restores to greater calm. This simple, powerful technique offers tools to resolve symptoms of stress, shock, and overwhelm. SE™️ promotes recovery and resilience. SE™️ helps clients move from being stuck to moving forward in life.


Clients are encouraged to go beyond simply discussing their problems and move through the underlying physical sensations associated with them. Mind body exercises may include meditation, visualization, breath-work and movement.













Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of focused awareness and concentration. It is a respected technique that promotes wellness and positive behavioral choices. Hypnosis provides a direct connection to the subconscious mind. Communication with the subconscious mind offers greater access to beliefs, insights, memories, and behaviors. Each session provides an opportunity to replace old beliefs with positive suggestions and supports the attainment of life goals.


To correct any misconceptions about hypnosis, the client has full awareness during each session. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool with medical and therapeutic benefits. It has been used in hospitals including Mt Sinai and the Mayo Clinic. Clinical studies have shown that hypnosis may improve immune function, promote relaxation, decrease stress, relieve pain and ease anxiety.


A skillful certified Hypnotherapist guides clients into a state of greater peace and receptivity to positive suggestion. Guided visualization and other techniques help clients connect with greater empowerment, resilience and sense of safety.














You may know about Past life Regression but not know about Life Between Lives®️

A Life Between lives, or LBL, takes the journey one step further. Imagine a place of

unconditional love where  you can review your current life with self compassion.

 Have you ever wanted to understand the bigger picture connected to your soul’s purpose? Have you ever felt like you were living out a deeper pattern? Would you like to know about your life purpose? Do you ever have the desire  to go “ home”? Imagine having a glimpse of that sense of "home". There is a way to access the answers to these questions. It is through connecting to your higher self and inner guidance. You do have access to your personal record keeper and you can know your bigger story.


Our higher selves send us messages through colors, lights, and symbols. Having a guide to help to decipher these messages can be essential. Once the door to this knowledge is opened, it becomes more accessible.

Based on the work of Dr Michael Newton and over 7,000 case studies, the western world has a paradigm that offers a journey of the self. A journey to know our history over lifetimes and  to connect to the place of "home." It is a place between lives where we can understand our life plan,  have a life review, and connect with our soul groups. We can return to our lives with greater clarity.

Receive life-changing tools for greater empowerment. Make somatic experiencing®️, inner child healing, life review regression, quantum exploration and Life between Lives™️ part of your journey.



Other Services:

pain management

health goals

habit release

pediatric hypnosis

medical hypnosis

For more information please contact: Jennifer Axinn-Weiss





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