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You are designed with an innate capacity to heal and know your own resilience. With the right lens, challenging times are a call for transformation, authenticity and  a doorway  to remember your dreams and life purpose. Because transformation is a process,  having an ally and skilled guide brings ease on the journey. Together we will look for life patterns you may not perceive from your own perspective.

Free yourself from anxiety, depression and feeling stuck in old beliefs and sensations. Finding freedom is not achieved by just retelling the old story, it's also about moving into a new one.

Choose from a rich menu of experiences to address anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep issues, and a range of other issues. Understand your greater purpose. Collaborate with me on an exploration using somatic experiencing, past life regression, life between lives, creative expression, parts work,  and neural retraining.  Release ancestral patterns, overwhelming events and old beliefs, and liberate  the energy to move forward in your life. 

 "You are seen, you are safe, and you are loved." 
Sometimes that's all we need to hear.



   Somatic Experiencing




Somatic Healing is mind-body oriented   approach to treating a wide range of issues; from anxiety to physical discomfort. Sessions offer life long tools to harmonize and regulate the body and restore greater calm and ease.

Somatic Healing is a mind-body oriented approach for issues ranging from anxiety to physical discomfort. Through activating innate wisdom, harmonize and regulate the body and restore greater calm and ease.



Hypnosis and Imagination



Entering  into a  landscape of symbol and color offers a way to release hidden beliefs and ingrained patterns of behavior.  Deeper states  of relaxation through Hypnosis  provides  a doorway for greater self awareness and empowerment. 



Regression Beyond Time




Traveling the landscape  between lives can be an opportunity of life review, learning, reunion and reflection. It is based on over 7,000 case studies, of the work of Dr. Michael Newton.

 Enter into Metta states  through hypnosis and  access the quantum field. Participants  connect with their inner record keeper, soul companions, and life purpose. 

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