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I specialize in supporting caretakers, empaths, creatives, children and those  suffering from PTSD,  ADHD, anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, sleep issues, spiritual bypass and more. Collaborate with me on a journey of healing through mindfulness, hypnosis, somatic awareness, neural retraining and the power of the imagination.

 These offerings reflect 25 years of  clinical experience inspired by my own healing  journey. I have helped over 800 people  move from being  stuck into finding greater joy and life fulfillment. In addition to my private practice, I provide trainings for therapists, healers and artists including the NYU McSilver Institute, Omega Institute and the Primal Trust academy for Neural retraining. I have studied at the  NY Jung Foundation, UC Berkeley. and  have had a year of  Doctoral studies in trauma studies through the Union Institute in Vermont.


My training began in childhood in a volatile environment and search for safety. I found refuge in art, dance, nature and spiritual connection. These were the gifts of traumatic life events.​  Even though those responses were the wisest choice at the time, I didn't know these overwhelming events were over. I was stuck in old loops and  fight, flight and freeze and fawn response. I was not  truly embodied. I gave away my power away in exchange of perceived protection. This left me disconnected from myself. I would say 'Yes" when I wanted to say  "No." I learned how to take care of others in order to feel safe, and as a result, I became an empath. 

Through many years of study of  wisdom traditions, my inner guide became strong. I received tools to share to help others unpack their own overwhelming life experiences and access a bigger perspective. I offer a wide range of experiences  to support others restore regulation and take back their  power.  I know what it's like to  be stuck in old time loops and not know an event is over.


Release old patterns, reparent and go beyond your story. I will meet you where you are. I can support  you in the transformation of your dreams into reality.


Selected Experience

​• Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness studies, The Graduate Institute

​• University of California at Berkeley, Art Therapy 

• Jung Foundation, NYC, Roz Winters   

• Union Institute Doctoral Studies, Trauma Studies

• Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, ™️ Somatic Experiencing 

• Hypnotherapy certification, National guild

• Hypnotherapy Educator certification

• Medical Hypnosis certification

• Pediatric Hynposis certification


Jennifer Axinn-Weiss
Master of Transpersonal Psychology, MA, MFA, SEP, CHT

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