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Support your journey

You are designed with an innate capacity to heal and know your own resilience. With the right lens, challenging times are a call for transformation, authenticity and the doorway  to remember your dreams and life purpose. Transformation is a process and having an ally and skilled guide brings ease on the journey.  Together we will look for life patterns you may not perceive from your own perspective.

Free yourself from anxiety, depression and feeling stuck in old beliefs and sensations. Finding freedom is not achieved by just retelling the old story. It often involves recognizing how your body has  held that story  and practicing how it feels to move into your wishes, dreams and flow. It supports connecting with one's inner guidance and live with greater purpose. This shifts everything and all issues can be placed into perspective.


 This practice helps on every level. Somatic Experience helps complete out dated impulses and generate empowerment. Active imagination and neural retraining address old beliefs and clarify inner vision. Past life and Life Between Lives Regression helps you access your inner wisdom, guidance and greater self compassion.


Whether it is your wish to understand patterns from  your immediate  history, or those through out time. Choose from a rich menu of experiences to work on many levels. Transform anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep issues, bring misguided energy into alignment or inner journey beyond time. Collaborate with me on an exploration using somatic experiencing, past life regression, life between lives, creative expression, parts work,  and neural retraining.  Release ancestral patterns, overwhelming events. old beliefs, and liberate  the energy to move forward in your life. 


My story

My training began in childhood in a volatile environment and search for safety. I found refuge in art, dance, nature and spiritual connection. These were  gifts of overwhelming life events.​  Even though those responses were the wisest choice at the time, I didn't know these overwhelming events were over. I was stuck in old loops and  fight, flight, freeze and fawn response. I was not  truly embodied. I gave away my power away in exchange of perceived protection. This left me disconnected from myself. I would say 'Yes" when I wanted to say  "No." I learned how to take care of others in order to feel safe, and as a result, I became an empath. I know what it's like to  be stuck in old time loops and not know an event is over.

​Through many years of study of  wisdom traditions and inner exploration, my internal guidance became strong. I received  tools to share to help others unpack their own overwhelming life experiences and access a bigger perspective.


In a space of great compassion,  I offer a wide range of experiences  to support others as the restore regulation and take back their  power.  ​​

These offerings reflect 25 years of  clinical experience inspired by my own healing  journey. I have helped over 800 people  move from being  stuck into finding greater joy and life fulfillment. 


In addition to seeing others in private practice I offer trainings for therapists, healers and artists. 

Selected Credentials and Studies

​• Master of Fine Art in Sculpture, Virginia Commonwealth University

​• Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness studies, The Graduate Institute; Bonnie Roy

​• University of California at Berkeley, Art Therapy; Lanet Long

• Dynamic Play Practitioner, Metamorphose Institute Dennis McCarthy, Brenda Lawrence

• Jung Foundation Studies, NYC, Roz Winters   

• Certified Past Life and Life Between Lives Practitioner, The Michael Newton Institute: Pete Smith, Paul Aurand, Angie Noon 

• Union Institute Doctoral Candidate

• Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, ™️ Trauma Healing Institute

• Hypnotherapy certification, National guild of Hypnotists, Marilyn Gordon

• Hypnotherapy Educator certification 

• Medical Hypnosis certification

• Pediatric Hynposis certification

• Journey Dance Guide, Toni Bergens

• Laughter Yoga Instructor


Teaching Experience

NYU McSilver Institute

Primal Trust Academy 

Omega Institute Artist in Residency

• National Guild Hypnosis Certification 2016-Present

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