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 Hypnotherapy Training

What People have said about Jennifer's training:



  "Dear Jenny,  Thank you for this amazing training. After completing it, I feel not only competent and capable of using hypnosis as a technique for healing...  but also that I have a solid foundation on which to build my own practice. At all times, you support and encourage our personal expression and to "make it our own" but also demonstrate how to hold space for the client's own inner wisdom to emerge. I have since taken other trainings in hypnosis and been impressed by the depth and breadth of your course in comparison. You bring many other complimentary therapeutic arts and practices to your teaching and I have benefitted from it all. Thank you!"

                                                                                     —-Audrey Gilbert, Hudson New York



"The hypnosis certification with Jennifer Axinn-Weiss was fantastic. Her background in Jungian sand play, art therapy, past life regression and somatic experiencing provide a rich context for the work. And her kind, supportive way provided all the encouragement needed for success. I cannot imagine taking this training from anyone else."

                                                                            Billie Kunzang, Delaware county , N.Y.



'In a word, “Wow!” Working with Jennifer is truly delightful and empowering. She is a natural at this work combining knowledge, talent, and intuition. She balances listening to your needs and sharing examples and resources into a comprehensive and enjoyable session. Her series is crafted with consideration for those in attendance. There is an element of going with the flow. You will hit all the key points so trust and go with it. Her skill and love of this work shines through her body and soul and it’s clear that she’s honored to share that. She’s informative and fun. It’s not all structure and time constraints. She has her own style with anecdotes and presence that invite laughter (all emotions really), inspiration, direct action, and peaceful fluidity. She cares about our inner and outer strength and our personal journeys.

She is someone worth learning from. It’s never too late to start, to reconnect, and to find the space and the facilitator that is special for you. If you haven’t yet, go meet Jennifer.”


                                                                                                  -Leah Romano, Norwich,  Vermont


  'Jennifer approaches her class in a more meditative and non-linear way then I believe an individual will find with another instructor.  This course allows  one to explore areas beyond what may be found in a more conventional class.  I found her approach expansive, meditative, imaginative and relevant, all these aspects are offered with extraordinary kindness, comfort, ease, harmony, and exceptionally genuine love.If you are deciding about whose hypnosis class to join, my belief is that this is the class!  You will receive all you are expecting and more”   


      Victory Henin  — New Orleans, LA

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