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Support your child back to calm

Somatic Experiencing,™️ also known as SE,™️ is a body-oriented therapeutic framework that helps children overcome PTSD, phobias, and other life challenges. Based on the work of Dr Peter Levine, SE™️ helps release on-going stress and educates clients about the body's natural fight, flight or freeze response.


Each session offers a space to complete the body's natural impulses. When physiological responses are completed , the body regulates and restores to greater calm. This simple, powerful technique offers tools to resolve symptoms of stress, shock, and overwhelm. SE™️ promotes recovery and resilience. SE™️ helps clients move from being stuck to moving forward in life.


Children  are encouraged to go beyond simply discussing their problems. and move through the underlying physical sensations associated with them. Mind body exercises may include meditation, visualization, breath-work and movement.

Painting Stones

Expressive Art

Children naturally process experience through expression. A child who knows there is a place their creative expression can be witnessed finds immense relief. They can share their story with skilled professional who knows how to decipher the non verbal story they are sharing, 



Sandplay Therapy is an expressive art that bridges jungian psychology with eastern meditation practice. It is a powerfully effective intervention for children and adults to express beyond words. It is a nonverbal modality that uses a sandbox, toy figures, and at times, water.

     Often when we have experienced overwhelming life events, our language centers shut down. Therefore, Sand play offers a space of symbol and metaphor in order to tell the stories that may be hard for us to tell. Through sharing miniature worlds, it is a place to share inner struggles and concerns. This can provide to immense relief and supports the capacity to move forward in life. This allows room to step back from life stories with greater capacity and equanimity. It can activate our imaginations and support the return of life flow.

     Sandplay therapy was developed in the late 1950s by psychologist Dora Kalff, who combined several techniques and philosophies to come up with her own therapeutic approach. Its foundation was based on a modality known as the World Technique developed by  British pediatrician and child psychologist Margaret Lowenfeld, who worked with veterans returning from war. Kalff developed it further by integrating it with her Jungian practice.

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